1x06, 1x14, 1x17 & 1x18 picspam

Hey, I've done a small picspam (without quotes, only pictures) of the scenes that Ryan and Silver have shared until now, which are less than I'd like.

here to see the picspam

Oh, and BTW, I'm new to this community, and I have to thanks to the mods because they made me haaapy when I discovered this place. Thanks, thanks, thanks! I thought I was the only one who liked this pair.
You Stole My Bagel!

Ryan/Silver - Me Without You [Finished]

Yays, i finished it <3
Just want to apologise for the craptastic Ryan manip at 1:36 i tried to make it look like Ryan was in the crowd and i think i epically failed! Lol.
Also the clips idea/manip idea between 2:32 and 2:43 totally and completely belongs to dreamywriter, she had that kind of sequence during her video RS/All Out Of Love. Its an amazing video - go watch it. So that wonderous (!) scene did not come from my brain... lol

Anyways hope you like it....

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You Stole My Bagel!

Christmas Vid Includes Ryan/Silver :D

Here's a little christmas vid i made a couple of days ago, includes multiple fandoms and one of them is 90210. With Ryan/Silver :D:D:D
I am just about to start getting RS clips from season 1,  i already have a song idea for them:D

They are around the 3;14 mark.
Hope you like ;]
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